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Train Hard Win Easy

The Georgia Girls Wrestling Club is hard at work training for Pre-Season Nationals in just a few short weeks. War of the Roses in Indiana should be prepared for these girls as they are going to make a HUGE showing. GGWC is bringing not one but TWO duals teams AND many of the girls are participating in individual matches as well.

The girls are back to school, working jobs and participating in other sports and school activities; yet these girls are making the time to put the work in.While balancing these other activities, they still swing the hammer, run and throw a tire, or another girl, 3 or more days a week! Coach Micah and Coach Colby are preparing champions!

These girls do not just train when they get together. Once a week FCA Coach Lisa comes and speaks with them. She helps to make sure they are not just taking care of their bodies, but their mind and spirit also. The coaches and leadership of GGWC believe to be a great competitor you need to take care of your whole self not just your body. They are training amazing well rounded athletes.

In their down time, the girls and families are hard at work raising money. Not only is it helping to raise travel costs, but is a great team bonding activity. I mean who doesn't bond when when an RV rolls into your car wash?!?!

GGWC does not turn any girl away that cannot pay. They want to give everyone a chance to participate and see what the sport is about. They cannot do this without help. The team is growing and with growth comes cost. You can be involved! Purchase a raffle ticket from any girl right now or on on our website https://www.georgiagirlswrestlingclub.com/ OR donate on the GoFundMe page at https://www.gofundme.com/help-ga-girls-wrestling-club. Also look for GGWC at Mule Camp in Gainesville October 19-21.

Check back often for updates and happenings with Georgia Girls Wrestling Club.