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War of the Roses

Right now we are in the process of taking two teams to compete in the War of the Roses. We are looking into many hotels to try and get the best price. Please answer these questions below if you are going.

I am emailing you because you have signed your daughter/s up for the War of the roses tournament. I need you to answer the following questions.

1) Are you attending this tournament? (please answer yes or no and then put your name)

2) If you are, Are you willing to car pool some of the girls who need a ride?

3) If so, How many girls can you fit in your vehicle?

4) Are you going to need a room?

5) Is your child/children staying in your room or sharing with the girls?

6) What is your daughter/s name age and weight?

The girls will be 4 in a room at some hotels or can be up to 6 at some hotels that have sleeper sofas. The Comfort Inn has sleeper sofas in the room so that is an option. Right now we are trying to find the best place for the best price. A couple of the parents are checking out other hotels to try to keep down the cost. If you could please let me know attentively if you plan on going, I am sure some of you have to make sure you can take time off of your job.

We are planning on leaving sometime on October 19th and returning late October 21st. We will send out more details as we get them. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, one of us will answer them to the best ability.

I am trying to see if we have enough seats for the girls or do we need to rent a couple of 12 person vans to get us there.

If you could please respond by today, its greatly appreciated.

Respectfully submitted,